Say No More


I think this really says it all. One of my friends remarked that not only are there many dials, but they are all unmarked. We women like mystery, intrigue and complexity.

I love the toggle switch. Both my husband and my father have a fondness for installing toggle switches. If it is broken, put in a toggle switch. During the gas crisis of the 1970’s my father switched ALL the cars in the family to diesel. Yes, you read that correctly. He rebuilt all the cars/truck. The interior of the cars looked like an F-14, filled with toggles that needed to be flipped and pressure gauges. From there on out driving in  our family became a risky venture of intense paternal scrutiny. Ice water coursed through our veins as we went through the pattern of switch flipping and gauge reading. My father would watch our every move, remarking on the probability…

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So, hey what’s up? My blog…….i don’t know how to describe it but it kind of describes me. I’m weirdly cool. I love art, food, media, music, crafting, etc. I think it it harder to think about, or describe yourself rather than just express it in as many ways as you can and for me, the way for me to describe myself is blogging. WordPress is not my typical, recommended blogging site. I like Tumblr. But I guess you can say its cool.